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AGM 2015
Details of the Westmill AGM sent to all members.

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We can’t and don't sell electricity direct to the public, but you can still indirectly support Westmill wind with your electricity purchases.

You can indirectly buy Westmill wind electricity.

We sell our electricity in two contracts, the output from 3 turbines is bought by Co-operative Energy, and 2 turbines by Tradelink Solutions/LOCO2.

The co-operative energy

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Westmill Wind Farm Co-operative

In the last five years over 7,000 people have visited our community owned windfarm at Westmill 

To book your place in 2014 visit www.weset.org or contact wesetbookings@westmill.coop 

Find out about the difference community ownership makes. 


Westmill is a working organic farm. The Westmill Wind Farm Co-op was the first 100% community owned onshore wind farm to be built in the south-east of England.


The five turbine site at Watchfield was commissioned in March 2008. Over the last five years these turbines have generated over 90GWh (90,000,000kWh). Each year the wind farm produces more green electricity than is used by 2,500 homes whilst avoiding 5,000 tonnes of CO2.


In October 2012 a community-owned solar-farm was created on the same site. Details of Westmill Solar Co-op are here.  

Westmill Wind-farm Co-op is a member of the Energy4All family of co-operatives.

Westmill Wind Farm

Find out more about Westmill Wind Farms construction.

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